Guild Rules and Information

First and foremost, welcome to our Guild Rules and Information section. If you have questions, please contact an officer in-game or via PM.

General Guild Rules

Treat others as you would like yourself to be treated, that is - with mutual respect.

Remember that while tagged with us, your actions reflect on us all. Yes this includes trolling in trade chat.

Guild members should try to help all members, but they are not required to do so. Remember that we are all here to enjoy ourselves and farming for that .01% drop rate item may not be as fun for others as it is for you.

Handling Guild Issues

This is an adult guild.  If you have an issue with a member, try and work it out between yourselves.  If that isn’t working, contact an Officer and will mediate.

Make sure the issue is serious before contacting us. We probably won't be happy if we have to mediate an easily solvable problem.

Keep in mind we have over 100 active members.  They are not all going to be your friends.  You don't have to like each other. You have to coexist in a rather large guild.  I believe you can handle it.

Website Usage

Our website is our primary tool for cooperation and organization. Use of it is expected by all members, including new recruits.

If you do not use the website, you are at risk of being removed.

Guild-Chat/Vent Rules

Basic rule: Proper grammar and spelling are your friends.

Any member can talk in guild-chat as long as they treat everyone with respect. If you greatly offend someone, apologize and change the subject.  If you are the one offended, politely notify the parties involved that the subject is touchy for you and help steer the conversation in a new direction.

I repeat, this is a mature guild, so expect to occasionally see mature content in chat. Use the Blizzard profanity filters to avoid profane content if you do not want to see it.

However, regular use of vulgar language or profanity does not mean you’re an “adult” and therefore using it in excess doesn’t need to happen.  Profanity exists in everyday language.  Don’t take it to the extremes.

Ditto for Vent.

Keep in mind some of our members may have family over or have small children.  If asked to tone language down in chat or vent, please comply. 

Discriminatory language is strictly forbidden.  We are a diverse guild with people coming from different cultures, backgrounds, colors, religions, and sexual orientations. Be aware of this and be adult enough to know that the use of discriminatory language is offensive. Deliberate use of discriminatory language to hurt another member will warrant immediate removal from the guild.

Do not spam. Especially the vent info.

If you are unable to find help in guild-chat, do not complain that your guild doesn't help you. Keep in mind that we try to help each other but at the same time we want to play and enjoy the game in our own way. This can be a difficult balancing act.

Abuse of guild chat

If there are no officers online when somebody does not follow one of these rules, please take a screenshot and contact the guild master or an officer to explain the situation. We will investigate appropriately and deal with the incident accordingly.

Conditions which warrant removal from the Guild

Not following these simple rules will result in “strikes” against you.  Too many “strikes” means you don’t have common sense and will be removed from the guild.