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PostPosted: 06/04/2017 5:25 pm    Post subject:

Agreed, let's try out for heroic see what happens! 

PostPosted: 06/04/2017 11:53 am    Post subject:

We can always use some more casters! Happy 

PostPosted: 06/04/2017 12:29 am    Post subject:

I see no reason why we could not get him in to try out in heroic. With only LFR experience he may need a bit of coaching on mechanics but at this point he would jump right in to the caster corp and see how the next tier turns out. 



PostPosted: 06/04/2017 12:18 am    Post subject: App: Hext1488

The application submitted by Hext1488 is as follows:

What is your e-mail or Battletag?:

What is your first name?:

How old are you?:


Main character's name?:

Armory Link::


What max level professions do you have on your main?:

Preferred spec?:
Playing frost at the moment. Waiting to see how the numbers for 7.2.5 play out so spec may change

If a hybrid, are you willing to gear a second spec for more raid versatility? We, of course, try to keep people playing their preferred main specs but occasional fights require the extra healer, tank, or sometimes dps.:

What realm is your main character currently on?:

If accepted and a transfer is required, how soon could you make that happen?:

We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8PM to 12AM EST. We require you to maintain 80% attendance to be on the main raid team.

Can you make these times for main raids?:

We require a means to get in touch with you should you be late or not show up for a raid. This is often simply a phone number for text. Will that be a problem?:

Raiding is a privilege. Being on the team requires focus, dedication and ability to play your class. You understand that if you don't show all three continually, you may be asked to leave the team. :

Do you have a stable computer and internet to run 20-man content? Understand that if you don't, you will be swiftly removed from the team.:

We also have optional raids on scheduled nights. Wed/Friday are often flex runs. Saturday is cleanup. Monday is throwback to old content for transmog and mounts.

Please give us an overview of your prior raid experience.:
BC: Karazhan-Hyjal

Wrath: Nax-ICC

Legion - EN-TOV,

I did not play much between Wrath and Legion.

How do you prepare for a typical progression night?:
I try to watch videos on youtube on current fights, especially ones with commentary if I can find them. I also just downloaded OBS so that I can critique my own play so that I can try to improve. I also enjoy talking strategy/class mechanics if other like minded people are present, particularly before/after raids.

I always come with appropriate consumables.

You have the ability to download Discord and have a working mic.:

What (raiding) addons do you currently run?:
BigWigs, AngryAssignments

Willing to download any and all addons required by the guild

World of Logs or Warcraft Logs parse.:
I have not raided since December, but here is the log page of my Former guild. My last raid was 12/21 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/224634

Our raid team is not only encouraged but expected to participate in the guild community and events as a whole. These events more often than not strictly benefit the raid team. These range from farm nights to guild achievements nights to heroics.

Do you agree to work towards being a full member of the guild and more than just an 8 hr/week raider?:

What is your guild history? (Current/Former/Why you aren't with them):
BC - Random Acts - Vek'Nilash - Officer, 10-man Raid Leader

Wrath - Lex Scripta - Vek'Nilash - Officer, 10-man Raid Leader, 25-man Raid Lead Assistant

Legion - Tyrants - Sargeras -

-My job changed and so I could not raid anymore. When I came a few weeks ago back the raid team had broken up.

What leadership roles have you held in these guilds?:
Included Above

What do you enjoy doing in-game?:
Dungeons/Raids have always been my bread and butter. I am not particularly big into pvp, but I enjoy doing it from time to time as a change of pace. But overall I enjoy hanging out with cool people.

Tell us a little about yourself. We'd like to know who we are bringing in Happy:
I am generally an easy going guy who likes to joke around. However, I do get serious during real content.

I think I am now considered a "WoW Grandpa" because I can tell Vanilla stories to all of the whippersnappers. So if your into grandpas......

How did you hear about us?:
Wow Sargeras Forums

Thank you for your interest in our guild. Someone will get back with you shortly regarding your application.