LEGION Raiding

Raid Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Raid Times: 7PM-11PM Central (SERVER); 8PM-12AM Eastern

Raiding is a privilege. You are expected to come prepared, on time, with knowledge of your class, its mechanics, and the bosses of the current tier. If you do not, don't expect to be raiding with us for long.

Some potions, food, and flasks are provided by the bank.  You are expected to bring enough of your own though in case you miss a feast, flask early, or use all the bank-allotted pots.

Repair your gear to 100% durability before raid.

Failure to do so will result in penalties up to and including suspension or removal from the raid team.


We take attendance right at 7PM.  Attendance is important if you want to keep your raid spot. 

Loot priority: Main Raider Main Spec Upgrade > Main Raider Side-Grade > Trial Raider > Backup > Off-spec

Heroics: Loot Council to start. May swap to personal later in the tier for more overall loot. May not.

Mythic: Loot Council with the above loot priority. Attendance, performance, and upgrade need for particular slots will be taken into consideration for each piece.

If a person is asked by the guild Officers for whatever reason to swap toons for the good of the raid/guild, their attendance that tier is transferred to the new toon.  This only applies to people who transfer "for the good of the raid team/guild."  All toon swaps must be approved.

Legendaries/keys/etc are awarded through loot council ahead of time.

BOE trash drops - they are personal.  Whoever the item drops for gets first dibs.  If they cannot use it, it is opened up to the raid. If no one in the raid wants it, it is sold by the bank for funds. When prices drop dramatically as they always do, whoever it dropped for is given the option to donate or sell themselves.  This time frame changes each tier.

Need to sign off?

If you cannot raid the full 4 hours, we need to know.  If you have to leave early, it needs to be in your signup note. If you need to sign off for any reason, you need to contact your raid leader or any officer via website PM, Discord "Late to raid" channel, or text/phone to let them know they will be short a player. The earlier, the better. Ask your raid leaders how they prefer to be contacted. All officers have contact information saved in the "Leaders" tab.   

Sign off day of, no call no show, latecomers, and those who leave early will all be taken into consideration with varying weights when it comes time to determine who is eligible to raid that night and when loot is distributed.

Things like frequency and whether or not it was an actual emergency will factor in.


You are automatically signed up for every raid if you are on our roster.  If you are unable to make a raid, it is your responsibility to go on our forums and set yourself to "unavailable" or "tentative" and note a reason.  If you do not sign off, we expect that you will show up.  If you do not sign off and do not show up, please see the above section for penalties.

Tentative rank is there for those who are awaiting a work schedule, etc. 

Discord + a working microphone

Exorsus Raid Tools


Angry Assignments addon


Minimum equipped ilvl requirement is 905 for raid plus raiders are required to have their 1st point in Concordance.

All gear needs to be fully gemmed and enchanted prior to raid. If you get a new piece, we can gem/enchant during our half-time break, not after every boss.

The guild bank pays for all enchants,gems, and provides a sizeable repair pot. The bank saves you a lot of money.  No reason to show up in anything less than what's appropriate.  Because of this, we make attendance mandatory at (1) 2-hr farm night each month to help restock the bank.  If the scheduled farm nights don't meet your personal schedule, farm on your own and mail materials to Pess.

We provide cauldrons and feasts with farm night materials.  We require raiders to have 1 stack of personal food in addition for when there are less than 5 people w/o food buff.

General requirements:

We expect you to know your class and its abilities. It should be crystal clear to you what spec, rotation/priority, enchants, and gems will maximize your dps. If this sounds difficult to you, I assure you it’s not. As one source of info, http://elitistjerks.com/forums.php has a summary of this info broken down by class and even spec. There’s really no excuse for not understanding your class. More links can be found on our guild's "Game Tools" page.

We expect to not have to explain to you what your interrupt/CC is. We expect that you can perform your tanking/healing abilities and your dps rotations while watching DBM/BigWigs, watching omen, swapping targets when needed, interrupting the appropriate cast at the appropriate time and avoiding "Fire". Anything less than that will warrant removal/replacement from raid until you can focus.

We expect you to come prepared for the boss fights.  Strats, discussions and videos are always posted and available in the Forums and on the left side of the Raid page.  Those who participate in discussions and come prepared are more likely to be brought back than the person who asks me how to dodge tornadoes after 20 wipes.

If you do NOT come prepared with all of the above you will be replaced with someone who can be prepared and focused!

If you have questions about any of that, please ask beforehand. Wiping a couple times on a boss because casts weren't interrupted or adds ran loose or people stood in fire is frustrating for all. If you are confused about something...ASK.